RP – Rack & Pinion - Actuator Fluid Control
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RP – Rack & Pinion

RP – Rack & Pinion – Actuators

Rack and Pinion actuators often represents the cheapest solution for rotary small dimension valves or valves that need a constant torque during the entire stroke.

They are particularly suited for modulation valves and can reach high torques up to 1.100.000 Nm.

For this type of actuator it is extremely important to efficiently support the rack that is subject to heavy forces due to the inclination of the gear tooth.

UP TO 10.000 NM

The welded pipe frame is designed by using finite element methods that reduces misalignment and friction, thus increasing efficiency and the actuators working life.

UP TO 550.000 NM

AFC specifically studied an extremely rigid body to easily support the rack during the entire stroke.

UP TO 1.100.000 NM

The racks slide on composite dry sliding bushing guides which ensures maximum performance and fluidity of movement in every load condition.