Actuator Fluid Control | Rod and Crank
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Rod and Crank

Rod and Crank – Actuators

Rotary Rod and Crank actuators (RC Series) are particularly suitable to act modulation valves thanks to their mechanism which has no play, and thanks to their characteristic torque curve.

AFC studied this mechanism to be perfectly housed in the body of YS and YC scotch yoke actuators: this approach allows to use all the components already studied and normally used and to provide a torque range from 500 Nm to 1.700.000 Nm.

Therefore AFC is able to repeat the innumerable variations of the scotch and yoke series and guarantee shorter delivery time and very competitive prices; all variants, pressure and temperature limits of the corresponding scotch yoke serie stay unchanged in the Rod and Crank serie.

up to 10.000 Nm

up to 850.000 Nm

up to 1.700.000 Nm