YC-009 - Actuator Fluid Control
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Hydraulic & Pneumatic

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Family Products YC-003-006-009

This is the smallest Scotch Yoke actuators series designed for torques from 500 Nm to 10.000 Nm. It is extremely compact and flexible, it extends only in one side direction and it is particularly suitable for ball and butterfly valves, both ON/OFF than modulation ones.

The welded body is equipped with in-slot gaskets for each coupling zone in order to ensure direct contact between metal parts and avoid reciprocal movements which often cause uncontrolled wear, considerable performance decrease or screws loosening.

This type of actuator can house up to 3 concentric springs, for a total of 7 spring pack configurations covering the widest range of valves. Considering the two typologies of yoke (symmetric and canted) the possible configurations amount to 14.

An innovative engageable handweel manual control, which is perfectly integrated in the body, is directly acting on the guide block ensuring the handling in all conditions. This system is equipped with a security lock to avoid accidental handling.

The actuator is easily and quickly disassembling with standard tools. All the maintenance and control operations can be easily and quickly carried out thanks to the actuator design which is been expressly studied to facilitate these operations.

  • Guide bar to absorb lateral load and guarantee extended life
  • Extremly compact design that extends in only one side
  • Canted or Symmetric design to best adapt to the valve torque
  • In line external travel stop 90° ±4° to eliminate asymmetrical loads
  • Easily visible local position indicator with Namur interface
  • Std. temperatures (-30° +100°); low (-60°) and high (+200°) on request
  • Totally enclosed IP 66 construction; IP 67 and IP 68 on request
  • Multiple spring design, increased reliability and std. configurations
  • Suitable for high frequency and high speed operation (< 0.2 s)
  • modulation and ON/OFF design to operate in all conditions
  • Compliant to PED 97/23/EC. and ATEX
  • Hydraulic/PneumaticDouble/single acting
  • Complete internal manual override with partial stroke option.
  • Complete internal Engagable manual override for double acting
  • Hydraulic override for both pneumatic & hydraulic execution.
  • Fast acting with pneumatic dumper (less then 0.2 seconds)
  • Hydraulic speed regulator for pneumatic actuator
  • Double cylinder in case of very low pressure.
  • Manual bevel gearbox for reduce manual torque (on Y-009)

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BRO-AFC   – General Company and Products Brochure

IOM-Y-009 – Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual

CAT-Y-009 – Catalog with Torque & Dimensional Data

BRO-Y-009 – Product Serie Presentation’s Brochure