Become a representative - Actuator Fluid Control
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Become a representative

A.F.C. is looking for strategic long-term partnerships. The partner network is an integral part of successful sales of our products. We value our partners, since we realise that partnership is a mutual commitment.

Sales Representative

operating in a specific territory, and marketing A.F.C. actuators to valve manufacturers, engineering contractors or end users. We work closely together with all A.F.C.’s agents to generate business opportunities.

Non-Stocking Valve Automation Centre

operating in their area by commercially driving A.F.C. actuators. Having obtained the order by the customer, A.F.C. will supply the actuators to the non-stocking center.

Stocking Valve Automation Centre

besides commercially driving A.F.C.’s actuators, the stocking valve automation center continuous to assemble actuators in case of a purchase order, thus limiting the delivery time.

By becoming our valuable business partner, you will become a core component of the company’s growth.

“If you are interest in establishing a partnership with us, please contact us at”