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A.F.C. (Actuator Fluid Control) is an Italian company founded in 2012, specialized in manufacturing of HYDRAULIC & PNEUMATIC ACTUATORS for valve automation.

Our team is made ​​up of competent people who come from some of the most important Italian actuators companies, are the same people who have worked for years behind the scenes of some of the largest worldwide projects.

From the beginning A.F.C serves with the intention of producing the best and compact actuators for all applications and the different requirements in order to always guarantee the best product to the end user.

An extraordinarily wide range of products, the desire to do well, what we know to do well, and the desire to face new challenges, are the basis of our initiative.

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AFC is an Italian company founded at the beginning of 2013, specialized in manufacturing of HYDRAULIC & PNEUMATIC ACTUATORS for valve automation.



Due to the ability of highly qualified engineers, to the competences acquired....


Suppliers are a decisive component of a company system. For this reason, the....

After Sales

The reliability and high productivity are fundamental values in the life of a....


For each assembled actuator, A.F.C. performs an accurate Factory Acceptance Test to evaluate....


The professionalism, the quality of the projects, technological innovation, are the strengths of our business. The A.F.C. quality policy is to provide professional services to customers in full conformity with the agreed requirements and perfectly suited to satisfying client needs and wants.

The Quality of our service is always the result of our commitment and professional skills, which must guarantee safety and reliability.