Engineering - Actuator Fluid Control
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Online offers and sizing

FEM analysis

Due to the ability of A.F.C. highly qualified engineers, through competences acquired over the numerous years within the industry and the most advanced design techniques, our team is able to develop fully-internally innovative products in the field of flow control.

All the main parts are designed by means of Finite Elements Analysis to guarantee the entire integrity into the most  critical conditions and applications.

High competence

Our extensive know how and experience in the field of actuators enables us to manufacture Scotch-Yoke actuators, Rack & Pinion, Helica Slot & Helical Spline, Rod & Crank actuators, standard and extremely compact linear actuators, all in both hydraulic and pneumatic execution.

An extensive knowledge and competence in the design of large springs permits us to optimize the spring pack by reducing dimension and weights.

Quality in Design

Our engineering activity follows strictly the most known design codes. All new projects are carefully tested during the engineering phase with accurate simulations of real-life working conditions and cycle load test, realized on our test bench with sophisticated measurement instruments.

A.F.C. is able to provide a complete design activity following customers requests, producing tailor-made solution.