Capabilities - Actuator Fluid Control
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A.F.C. – Design

  • Design & manufacturing of Hydraulic & Pneumatic actuators, rotative up to 1.700.000 Nm, linear up to 2.000.000 N
  • Flexibility & High competence, internal 3D CAD, DWG & FEM analisys for a complete product design.
  • Fully custom design actuators for special applications, R&D department to your service.

A.F.C. – Assembly

  • Qualified assembling personnel to guarantee high quality actuators and your final satisfaction.
  • Raw materials, oxycutted & unmachined parts, standard parts & accessories, are available in stock .
  • All our products are designed and optimised to be easily assembled and disassembled without special tools.

A.F.C. – Testing

  • Dimension, smooth operation, leakage, stroking time, angular/linear stroke, are checked during FAT test.
  • Hydraulic quarter turn test bench for actuator performance testing in static & dynamic conditions.
  • Hydraulic linear test bench to simulate the resistant load of the valve in static & dynamic conditions.