Actuator Fluid Control | Scotch Yoke
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Scotch Yoke

Scotch Yoke – Actuators

The Scotch Yoke actuators series YS (Yoke Symmetric) end YC (Yoke Canted) have been designed to act rotary valves up to 1.700.000 Nm. Thanks to the torque curve of this mechanism, this series is particularly suited to move ball or butterfly valves, both ON/OFF and modulation ones.

The actuators have been designed by using finite elements calculation methods, the bodies have very high stiffness values to reduce misalignment and friction thus increasing efficiency and the actuator’s working life itself.

A wide range of variants will meet the different requirements of each plant and environmental use. Thanks to AFC expertise and flexibility, other solutions and certifications may be arranged and designed according to the customer specific needs.

up to 10.000 Nm

up to 850.000 Nm

up to 1.700.000 Nm